Building Additions, Pools, Accessory Structures

Section 19-13-B100a of the Connecticut Public Health Code sets minimum standards for preserving subsurface sewage disposal areas on lots that are served by a septic system. Under this regulation any type of construction activity on a lot served by a septic system must be approved by the Health District. This includes the construction of decks, sheds, swimming pools, and garages as well as increases in the number of bedrooms or other living space. Changes-of-use (Example: residential house being changed to a business facility) and conversions (Example: summer cottage converted to a year-round home) must also be reviewed and approved.

The determination of whether there is a suitable septic system area that meets the Health Code rests on analysis of soil data in our files (if it exists), neighboring wells, lakes and streams, inland-wetlands and other land features. In cases where there are no records on the existing septic system it may be necessary to conduct soil testing before a decision can be made.