Section 19-13-B33 of the Public Health Code establishes minimum standards for construction, safety and the operation of Public Swimming Pools. Pools and hot tubs at clubs, schools, condominiums, resorts, campgrounds and motels all come under the scope of this regulation. Pools rely on proper equipment operation, careful maintenance and close monitoring of the water chemistry balance to ensure a safe bathing environment for the public.

Each of the 20 public pools in the Health District is inspected frequently during the summer months. A complete facilities inspection is made by a trained sanitarian that includes the following:

  • The water clarity is checked and the levels of chlorine and pH are recorded.
  • The filtration and chlorination equipment are inspected and checked for proper operation.
  • A review of the safety and first aid equipment is conducted
  • The shower, locker and toilet facilities are inspected for general cleanliness and proper maintenance.
  • The decks, fencing, diving boards and general pool area are examined for possible safety hazards.